Each city is invested in different levels, in different areas. The local manager of each city is making a different level effort for the development of that city.

Özel Kalem Magazine Local Government Awards are given to local managers who are working hard, making a big commitment to do the best for the city’s future.

Özel Kalem Magazine Local Government Awards are given to local managers who want the best for the city, who works best for the city, and who works hard for the city. Özel Kalem Magazine Local Government Awards are given to local managers who sees the city’s needs properly, who looks for the right project to get rid of this need, who aim to reach the right result by giving responsibility to the right teams for the best way to give the life to the project.

Whatever we have done, whatever our work, our responsibility, our authority is, we want it to be seen and known by others when we produce a benefit.

A sincerely shared thanks and applause, a worthy prize known its value by everyone is  the most important motivation for the continuation of good works.

Özel Kalem Magazine The Local Government Awards are given to the local administrators on behalf of the whole of Turkey, to offer a sincere thanks on behalf of everyone living in their own cities, to applaud them with great sincerity and to honor them with Turkey’s most respected local government awards.

it is given  to create a strong impetus on being known the unique, important, and effective projects that successful local administrators have experienced in their own cities by other cities and other local administrators, on being taken as an example, and on the spread of development throughout the country.

For the Özel Kalem Magazine The Local Government Awards, the project applications are submitted to the EPR Local Authority with a file in accordance with the conditions specified in the Specification  and with the wet signature of the Mayor’s. Applications can be made within the specified application period each year.

Project files arriving to the EPR Local Authority Agancy are passed through preselction in terms of compliance with application qualifications.The actual evaluation of the project files is carried out through a comprehensive review of the Özelkalem Magazine Local Government Awards Selection Committee Members.

In each category, separate evaluations are made for 3 statutes, including Mayor of Metropolitan City, Provincial Mayor and District Mayor.


Prof. Dr. Cevat Geray
Prof. Dr. Cevat GerayHonorary President of the Selection Committee
Ankara University, Faculty of Political Sciences Retired Instructor
Prof. Dr. Ruşen Keleş
Prof. Dr. Ruşen KeleşPresident of the Selection Committee
Ankara University Faculty of Political Sciences Retired Instructor
Erdoğan Bilenser
Erdoğan Bilenser
Founding President of the Historical Cities Association Former President of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality
Prof. Dr. Neslihan Dostoğlu
Prof. Dr. Neslihan Dostoğlu
İstanbul Kültür University Faculty of Architecture Head of Architecture Department
Sadun Emrealp
Sadun Emrealp
Town Twinning Between Turkey and the EU Project Team Leader
Prof. Dr. Mete Tapan
Prof. Dr. Mete Tapan
Arel University Department of Architecture Instructor
Prof. Dr. Handan Türkoğlu
Prof. Dr. Handan Türkoğlu
ITU Faculty of Architecture City and Regional Planning Department Instructor


Özel Kalem Magazine Local Government Awards Selection Committee evaluate projects with direct impact on the development of the cities, the beautification and the rise of the brand value in a total of 12 categories in this year.

Disaster Management
Urban Design
Urban Transformation
Inner City Transportation
Preservation of Cultural and Natural Assets
Environmental Protection
Culture, Art and Tourism Activities
Social Responsibility Projects
Participatory Management
Urban Economy and Management
International Cooperation


ÖzelKalem Magazine Local Government Awards Choir is Turkey’s and perhaps even the most exclusive choir of the world. They only take one stage together. The mayors who came to the stage without having to rehearse together and received award in that ceremony every year to say ‘our heart for a more beautiful Turkey’ perform 6 songs İnci Cayırlı management. Every year at the Presidential Chorus, performing at the Local Management Awards Ceremony of Özelkalem Magazine, the sponsor authorities of that year are also included.


Only the Mayors can apply for the Özelkalem Magazine Local Goverment  Awards. Özelkalem Magazine Local Goverment Awards are not actually given to municipalities but directly to Mayors. A mayor can not built a project without the budget of the municipality, the possibilities of the municipality, the authorities of the municipality. However, Özelkalem Magazine Local Government Awards are given by the fact that ‘a city is shaped not by the structure of municipality but by the character of the mayor’.

Copyright 2017 | Özelkalem Magazine Local Goverment Awards organized by Ep’r Local Goverment Agency.

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